pidän aarteita

hold treasures

thank you all my dear friends for the comments on my previous post!
you really made me smile and happy




in the 60s!

pregnant for the first time :) in the 70s

in the 50s


am my personal history.
all what i have experienced.
i´m a mother and a granny- my strongest identity.
art is a way of life to me or a language to speak and if i have to be something here in this society, then i´m an artist.
communication is what i have tried to learn all my life, nowadays it seems, that i am more connected with nature than people.
i love long, deep conversations and i get easily excited, a terribly combination.
i cannot stand routines more than is necessary for flexibility.
without sense of humor i would drop dead.

this is the drawing challenge, hosted by dear patrice, more about who am i? over there.


, tyynyni alla

, under my pillow

i will have during this night,(the real midsummer night) 7 different flowers, so that in my dreams i can see my future love ;)
(according to old finnish midsummer customs.)
sweet dreams!



this necklace is also from olga

and so is this card, lakes with finnish names- love it!

with me

a parcel from olga! thank you ever so much!
something new, something blue, something so familiar.
earth and water, sky and feathers- leaves.
a gentle grip. your art.

and my dear ones :)
midsummer at our doorstep.
time for magic?





! Tänään

! Today

congratulations my dear!
you made us all happy!!!



some time ago i received this beautiful card from schanett, thank you my dear friend!

this delightful piece of art zine is from jane i love it!

and these from sweet ingrid! so much talent!

from abroad

thank you all
i´m a very lucky lady to have such friends!



from friends

thilda and patrice i got this prize some time ago.
thank you both, dear friends so much :)

to friends

and wsake

this is what you should do:
when you have received the award you should post a link to the one who has given you the award.
choose 5 blogs to whom you want to give the award to.
let them know about it by leaving a message on their blogs.
that´s it :)


. Kirjeitä

. Letters

i found these from a flea market long ago. all the letters belong to one family. most of them are written during the wartime.
it was like reading a novel, a true one. these persons, their destiny, lingered on my mind.
i have used these letters for various purposes. this time for covering my old cupboard.

look what talented mano has done! and other participants, lots of letters to read :)



about something

i´ve been working and had my granddaughter with me-fun!
and hands full
hope you have had fun too!


ja aavistus

and a shadow

this time i made two posts about shadows, this one and the one under ;)- couldn´t decide- and i remembered this one too :)
dear ariane is our hostess, you can see more shadows there