ja aletaan laulaa kuorossa

and starts to sing in chorus

, katsotaan lintuhäkkiä

, takes a look at a birdcage

noustaan penkille

climbs onto a bench


kurkistellaan ulos ikkunasta,

one peeps out of the window,


juuri tänään!

just today!

my birthday

unohdin ajan

i forgot the time

The silk road/ Ladakh


ja illalla

and in the evening


during the day

. Aamulla,

. In the morning


erillaisia sävyjä etsimässä

of different tones


. Kotikulmilla

  corner view

this swan is for jane from spain daily. she had this interesting idea of "corner view" photos.
 -"Why don´t we post a photo a week that shows what it´s like living in our corner of the world."

so i went out to take some photos from our village and look what i saw! is this swan practising yoga on thin ice or what!
and here we go, this is my front door Welcome!

and this is what i see from there
neighbours coming from grocery.
this is our bus stop
and the noticeboard

village road
and the river
and by the river

a restaurant and a gallery
this is the way to our village

.  Corner view(s)
sorry, i got carried away...