i live almost surrounded by water. we have lakes and sea nearby and even a small river runs through our village. i´ve shown many photos of that already.the most amazing thing about water is, that it can take so many different forms, without losing its essence.
mentally, we can learn a lot from it, i think.

last but not least: i love to float. just let it go and water will carry you! and the only thing you can hear is your own heart beat.
these photos taken of me (2001, on my request) by my dear friend, artist Sini Pelkki

kippis! to the water!

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are reflecting


sen sun tän välillä

between this and that

. Rajat

. Borderlines
sometimes so thin, almost invisible



and look at the miracle! instantly you started to hear the Tone of Happiness.



is shining



2 liters of milk, please!

my cousins and me, we are playing shop :)

My dream

is to have a tiny little shop of my own like an old-fashion ice cream stall
or something like that, to sell my works and all kinds of self-made funny stuff.

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mutta tänään vain pinkkiä!

Onerva Lumi-Aamu 8 years old!

she got an aquarium and she danced the whole day!

but today only pink!

happy birthday sweet One <3


ja vaaleaa kirkasta

snowfall: we didn´t get the first snow yet, i have to make one of my own :)

and light bright


. Tummaa

. Dark

look at her black, too!- inge from kermisblauw



a heart without shape. immaterial.
trying to perceive the picture by coloring the areas outside.

first i wash the floor.
1. i imagine the left and right halls and the left and right chambers inside the room
= the contents

2. i place a plate of glass on the floor.
let the sunlight wipe it over and over again.
i imagine it´s a swing
= the motion
3. love is blind. i imagine with closed eyes. - (braille on the wall=
to see with hundreds of eyes and one heart)
= the fire
4. raise your eyes! sublime.
the thing /one you love, you see it everywhere.
( the romantic, national landscape)
= the center
5. i mark with color / the space between the lines
vibration ( vibrate, quiver, ripple)
= the memory of it all

about love

the only purpose for the lines is to surround, be the outside area, an act.
the spaces between the lines arise, mark the object, which is hidden from the eye.

when i did this i had "something in my eye".
photos from my installation, 2003

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