to remember

it was may 2010
today i got the come home! magazine
it´s strange and funny and fun
to see how they have experienced my home :)


ja antaa meille mahdollisuuden

and give us a chance

inspired by the photos i got from a friend
i visited the Göran Schildt museum in Tammisaari
all these b&w photos taken by him.
there was a tiny Orthodox exhibition too,
what a wonderful little place to visit!


aika paljastaa

photo M.Hanhijoki

kiitos MK

time will reveal


. Vaivihkaa

. Furtively


kaikki on mahdollista

everything is possible


Tähän aikaan vuodesta

this photo is from The wonderful world of Albert Kahn. it´s from ourga, mongolia 21 july 1913. it makes me feel good. fulfills my heart.

This time of the year


kokenut metamorfoosin?

experienced metamorphosis ?

i´ve typed hundreds and hundreds of times
...i transform into you and you into me...
on an almost transparent paper and made this "audiotape"
size: 7cm diameter each

this week the drawing challenge is metamorphosis.
our host is ariane.


. Olenko

it was called green light. in the city there was also two old phone booths where you could hear birdsong.

. Have i

told you about
these birds of mine
under the bridge
in Turku year 2000?

since then
they have flown one by one
all over the world
with me or with my friends.
the idea was that after finding a place for the bird,
take a photo of it for me
and leave the bird behind.

here are some of the photos.
i would like to make a book about them.

(photos: 1-3 reino koivula / 4. pirjo / 5. mine / 6.and 8. tuula / 7. keiko? / 9. misa /10. satu )