. Meillä

. In our place


ja heijastuu

this is a photo from a cover

and reflects


, lainehtii

, wawes

. Sataa

. It rains


ja tulin takaisin

and i came back

this is my 500th post
it´s so nice to come back
after a long hot summer
hope you are all well

see you!


. Menin

. I went

to see where the butterflies sleep
the silent
almost invisible world
of the weavers.

I saw something
most beautiful
( i try to photo that latter- this morning my camera ran out of battery)

and when i came back
all the dozens of butterflies
had woken up!

-i´m away for few days now, but when i get back
i start blogging for real again-
eager to visit you all!
see you soon!


todeksi kaikkea tätä

that all this was true


- en tiennyt

- i didn´t know

that this old lady could bloom!


, uskoisitko

, would you belive


. Elokuu

. August

this is for you dear Gracia.
thank you so much for the beautiful, beautiful print i got!
it´s my treasure.

this has been
one hard summer for me
live and learn
they say

thank you all you sweet generous people out there
thanks for the messages!