i will take a little break now.
my grandchildren are coming to stay with me
for a while :)

i warmly thank you all for the most heartwarming comments!
hugs and kisses :)
see you soon!



for celebration

a lot of photos of
a tiny shop!

i must be
the happiest shopkeeper ever!
the opening was just great :)


! Tehtynä

! Done

and still a lot undone
thank you all for the supportive comments :)


, mutta totta

, but true

hi friends,
you asked about my dream-
i have dreamed to have a shop of my own-
and very soon it will be true,
a tiny pop-up one,
but who cares- a shop of my own!
i´m so happy!
we have thousands of mosquitoes
and far too hot for me-
but still- i do have fun!

soon i will set the table
for the opening :)


. Uskomatonta

. Unbelievable

it´s as hot as last summer!
this is my 600´s post!
and soon my dream comes true :)
tra-la-laa, tral-lal-laa!


ja tänään

and today

i had a visitor
a real bookworm :)

todellinen lukutoukka- vai mitä :)



, yesterday

i´ve been at the funeral,
a dear old man died.
i wonder,
how can it be-
i have had the opportunity to know him only for the 5 last years of his long life.
so, i hardly knew him,
but i loved him,
because what he was.
he left a strong mark of himself in my mind.
what a personality!
i feel my words are not enough.

i got a gift, i got to know him,
i feel he gave me something that i would love to be able to give forward.


! Kahden välillä

! Between two things