Uutta Vuotta!

...glittering sounds...


New Year!

it started to snow just now! just a little...


hellää ja ravisevaa

tender and nourishing




i got home for X:mas!
i want to share this X:mas present of mine with you.
music by my grandson for me.
all that love!

with this video
i also want to
thank you all.
your care has been like a soft blanket for me.
i feel i´m all glass-
a soft blanket is badly needed!
thank you dear friends!

kiitos rakkaat ystävät!
kiitos rakas Ilmari!


: Hyvää Joulua!

: Merry Christmas!

and thank you all for the energy and love and care!
my operation is tomorrow 21.12 early in the morning.

with love,
take care!


voin sanoa

i can say

my daughter had her birthday party-
a big one! so much love, happiness, talent and pure fun!

and my grandson really did some serious dancing with me! ;)

now, i´m back to x:mas cards and decorations.

thank you all my dear friends for the positive thoughts and energy!
the results were as good as they possible can-
the operation will be before x:mas or just after, let´s see.

kiitos kaikki rakkaat ystävät positiivisista ajatuksista ja energiasta!



at long last
snow!!! have i waited for it!

my break turned out to be much longer than i thought.
had a quite difficult month.
i´m waiting for an operation.
next thursday i need a lot of positive energy
please, dear friends, send me some, if you can.