lupauksia täynnä.

full of promises.



at times

kiitos MK


! Nämä aamut,

! These mornings,


satujen toteutua

there was a woman,
a woman in red dress,
living near the woods.
she worked hard from early morning

till late at night

she was alone,
but she could talk with the birds while working

she felt that her hearing was special,
ears like horns,
horns that were very sensitive.
she hoped to find someone
to talk to in a special way.

she understood art

she even talked with her shadow.

she made a portrait of herself,
not to be alone,
but it didn´t help.

she felt lonely,

like she was drowning in letters.

she tried to talk with the past,
but she was too colorful for them.

then she finally decided to go
to the woods to see The Hare.
Hare knew.
He took messages between two realities.
he said to the woman:
"be patient, my dear.
your day will come."

after some days a beautiful white horse came to see this woman,
this woman in red dress.
"would you like to come with me?" asked the horse.
"i will take you to the land of miracles!"

of course she went.
it was the most unexpected place.

and there she met the most unexpected man.
they had long, long, long talks about everything.

but the most important talks were the ones without words.
she was happy.
she was the happiest woman in the land of miracles.
that´s how happy she was.

and now she knew that she will never be alone,
no matter what will happen.
that knowledge made her content and complete.

for the fairy tales to come true.

more fairy tales hosted by delicate tatjana


kaikki on valmiina

everything is ready

in my little garden. that´s where i have been these days :)
i love it, i love it, i love it!
hope you all have a place where you can relax.


! Pian

! Soon



: the moon





, pinnan alla

, underwater

the drawing challenge hosted by sweet julia

my "wallpaper", there´s my dad, who was a composer and a bandleader. i see him conducting an underwater orchestra. so i guess i chose love
and i listen to Gavin Bryars, The Sinking Of The Titanic. if you have time watch this, this and this


. Toukokuun ensimmäinen

. First of May

Iloista Vappua, pirskahtelevaa kevättä!