Loma tulossa

these are from Malta
year 2007

soon i´ll have a holiday with my daughter!
i hope to show you new photos after that
though my computer is sick, very sick- i don´t know if it will open after this post
so- dear friends
i think i have to buy a new one and i will do that after the trip
take care and see you all soon!

more CV-holidays here


. Onnea!

. Congratulations!

Onnellista syntymäpäivää Onerva 9 vuotta!
Happy birthday Onerva 9 years!
my dear, profound person- and what a comedienne she is!
hugs and kisses from granny :)


kävi vastustamaton vierailija

i had an irresistible visitor

and so many heartwarming
comments in my previous post- i thank you all
kiitos !



In my study

still working...

(tämä on sulle ystäväni PS- tral-lal-laa ;))




this time of the year the light here is orange
the mixture of red and yellow leaves, i guess

and something orange
at my home

have a happy week- and i warmly thank you all for the comments
in my previous post- you are darlings!

more CV- orange starting here


- Nyt

The concept notebook

The blue notebook

my two zines are almost done! - available before X:mas also in my shop Kinos

some decorations
and X:mas cards

- Now

:) been working
and carry on doing

hope you are all well and happy!
olkaatte onnelliset ja punaposkiset!