! Tyhjä pää ja kädet täynnä

kiitos rakas ystäväni ps!

! Empty head and hands full


! Rauhallista pääsiäistä

! Peaceful Easter



the first visitor today :)

for my birthday


mitä sain

what i have received

is something that made me cry.
it´s a portrait of edith by jane o sullivan
but it´s also a portrait of my mother as a young girl,
because jane had her photo as a model to her work.
can you imagine how i felt when i opened the package!

darling, sweet, unique, generous artist jane
my humble thanks- i´m speechless.
i love this work and i will treasure it always
as i treasure your attitude to share.


. En pysty uskomaan

. I cannot believe

i´m so ashamed
and so sad.
which ,what and where are the values here in finland?!


ja kuiskauksista

and whispers

i´ve been in a hospital
to see a very fragile,
but strong in spirit,
old gentleman.



with sounds

have a bright and sunny weekend!


, etsin yhtäläisyyksiä

, i search for similarities

after all that hustle and bustle
it took me some time to recover :)

we still have snow,
just a hint of spring in the air-
i went to the flea market
and found some nice old books.
i´m thinking about pihoja, puutarhoja ja puistoja-
yards, gardens and parks.

now i want to start something new!


. Elämme tapahtumarikkaita aikoja

thanks patrice! it was so nice to have you here!

this gallery is also a consulting room, that makes it different and challenging.

these beautiful photos are from finn- love them!

. We are experiencing eventful times

already some time ago i got
a treasure from a friend!
it came when i needed it most.
thank you dear!

i did it!
thank you all- the opening was fun
love the flowers!!!

and today
here with me :)
you made my day!
please, come back
when the sun is shinning!