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Jane O Sullivan kirjoitti...

beautiful fragile ice flowers ..........(sigh.....I saw an ice fairy (tiny)tree today too , over the back field)x

Patrice A. kirjoitti...

I can see that it was
a beautiful day!!!!
how I wish I could have been
there with you
on such a sparkling and magical day
and your comment made me smile
I wonder
what the deers may think

Patrice A.

Ritva kirjoitti...

dear jane and patrice,

these frozen flowers from last summer amaze me over and over again. they have bloomed and withered and yet, now they are in blossom again. love that :)

hugs, my friends!

Kristen Donegan kirjoitti...

So magical! Your photos make me want to touch that ice flower because it can't possibly be real :)

Elle kirjoitti...

So nice pictures of the nature and the snow !