10.2.2013 - 30.1.2014 according to chinese astrology it´s the year of a snake.
snake is this week´s dc, our sweet host is ariane.

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Kristen Donegan kirjoitti...

Very ancient this fascination and meaning we have placed on the snake...I wonder how much they care about it all :)

Carole kirjoitti...

Hi Ritva, very interesting creature, the snake.

TheFairyyellowbugQueen kirjoitti...

This is a beautiful post Ritva. Endlessly insightful to see how man has viewed snake over the years. Happy weekend! Norma, x

renilde kirjoitti...

I like how stories and emotions have been told using symbols, how far back they reach and still are with us today... the image with a flower blooming from the snakes tail, i love that one, x

Ariane Reichardt kirjoitti...

Dear ritva,
thank you for this beautiful illustration of the snake energy.
Even I love that one with the flower blooming from the snakes tail... reminds me a little bit on the labyrinth of Chartres kathedral.

x Ariane.

Patrice A. kirjoitti...

what a beautiful collection
of snakes!

and I wish you
a happy sunday!!

Patrice A.

susan christensen kirjoitti...

fascinating, and your blog is beautiful, Ritva. So glad to visit you. -sus

ibb kirjoitti...

Happy new year, soon happy snake new year.
Love mandalas...I have a book at home a friend gave me...just to "enjoy" them.

ibb kirjoitti...
Kirjoittaja on poistanut tämän kommentin.
louise kirjoitti...

Hope the year of the snake turns out to be a brilliant one for you. xolj

Jane O Sullivan kirjoitti...

wanted to tell you , when I first saw this post ......and then time came and I felt different , but now I want to tell you Ritva that I practice kundalini yoga , normally once a week with a teacher , though she has been away for 7 weeks :( .....so I do 30 minutes a day on my own after my meditation. x