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Kristen Donegan kirjoitti...

Lovely group of photos! So moody. I especially like the bright one with the birches to contrast the others. Really nice:)

Finn kirjoitti...

dear friend,
how are you? i've missed you
i recall i had a photo from the same moment of the film in a post, probably 3 or more years ago..

I shall close down my blog now
it is not right at such times to be carried away from the scene of our fate. i am talking about Greeks who are at the final stage before total humiliation and slow painful death.
Every day we are being told that we will not have to eat the next day if we do not give up our few remaining rights.
No schools no hospitals no jobs
everything, including ancient forests, are being sold out.

these are the last pages of our history book. They shall be written in the future when our torture will be over.

i will come and visit you, dear Ritva, whenever i can. Thank you for your frienship

Kirjailijatar kirjoitti...

Minä en ole nähnyt tuota Tarkovskia ja se on varmasti sääli. Maailmassa on niin paljon upeita elokuvia, kirjoja, tauluja, näytelmiä....oi voi, joita en ole kokenut. Täytyy vaan nyt rauhoittua ja hyväksyä se. Kaikkea ei voi eikä tarvitse kokea.

Riittää, että kokee vaikka tämän ensilumen leijailun.

Ritva kirjoitti...

thanks kristen!
my studies of the nature and colours of the season :)glad that you liked them

my dear finn,
it´s terrifying. insane.
i´m ashamed.

i miss you too dear friend!
your future absence will be a big loss for this blogworld but i do respect your decision.
i still hope that you will keep in touch somehow.

thank you, my dear friend, i treasure our friendship.

love and strength!

tasan samaa mieltä olen,
täällä sitä ei vaan vielä leijaile :( vaikka näin lähellä ollaankin.