. Kortit

. Cards
my favorite pack of cards by the artist Hannu Väisänen.

my family from my mothers side comes from karelia. when i was a child, a lady, i don´t even remember her real name, we called her ant "tiiättektyö" (means something like "do you know", with a strong dialect)used to come and visit my grandmother from time to time. she was very humble and poor, i guess. she read cards and i´ve been told that after her visit i took the cards and with a low voice, very solemnly said" musta mies tullee nurkan takkaa. kyynelii, kyynelii, kyynelii..." " a black man comes behind the corner. tears, tears, tears..."
an other story about playing cards is about an old man who used to play cards with me. i always dealt the cards under the kitchen table and took all the cards with the picture and gave him the ones with the numbers. so, once i felt sorry for him and took the ones with numbers. he said to me tenderly: "darling now you must have given me the wrong pack." he was about 85 and i about 4.

today i have a friend with me. she is very good in reading cards- maybe she will during this night, if so, i´ll let you know :)
ps. i just had my cards done, but they are questions and answers, a play for adults, kind of couple relationship- play :) i´ll show that later- now i have to go, my friend is here already :)
more cards here- sweet ariane