isänsä ei ollut valokuvaaja

me, by my father

first on the left is my mother- she was travelling with the crew, when they were on tour, before i was born.
Dallapé- the most famous finnish band in 1936. my father is the 3rd on the left. ( 2nd in front row)

my father was no photographer
but a musician and a composer,
a trumpet player and a bandleader

my daughter found this book Punainen Mylly,
Moulin Rouge from a store. Punainen Mylly was a revue theater.
i didn´t know about this book.
my father used to work there when i was a little girl.
my early childhood memories about him and with him are from there.
i used to stay at the back stage with the dancers during the rehearse.
loved their dresses! love the smell in there. love the music and the atmosphere.
there are some photos of him in this book, that i have never seen before- strange.

my father died 4 days before i had my 15th birthday...long time ago.
ps. he is not the one on the cover ;)