annan sinulle.

I will give to you

this little gift.
just leave a comment if you would like to have it and miss fortune will choose the one 3.3.
just for the fun of it.



My monogram

from the series "A Swan spiting pearls." (texts for installations)
19. pearl
"I will call you when I come back."

My monogram is OK.
I´m a private dressmaker. I live in a room number 100. At the moment I´m reading a book about birds in their spring-, summer- and winter dresses. I increase my knowledge. I already know something about square design. I´m very happy. Often in the middle of the night I wake up and dance. I have polka dot curtains in my room and Mr. Einstein has a custom to place his music stand in front of them so that the daylight falls on notation. Then he calls.

(ps. call and play both mean the same in finnish = soittaa)

sarjasta "Helmiä sylkevä Joutsen" (kirjoituksia installaatioiksi)
19. helmi
"Soitan sinulle kun tulen takaisin."

Monogrammini on OK. Olen kotiompelijatar. Asun huoneessa numero 100. Parhaillaan luen lintukirjaa kevät-, kesä- ja talvipukuisista. Kartutan tietojani. Tiedän jo jotakin ruutukuosista. Olen hyvin onnellinen. Usein keskellä yötä nousen tanssimaan. Minulla on pallokuvioiset verhot huoneessani ja herra Einsteinilla on tapana asettaa nuottitelineensä niiden edustalle niin, että päivänvalo lankeaa nuotistolle. Sitten hän soittaa.

drawing challenge, more monograms here, our hostess Patrice




awards! i got one from the sweetest Patrice in the world!

the questions are:

favorite color - your eyes
favorite animal - sings early in the morning
favorite non alcoholic drink - water
facebook or twitter - neither
favorite number - my friends´phone number
favorite day of the week - "what day is it?"
passion - of life
getting or giving presents - as a lifestyle
favorite pattern - runs according to
favorite flower - still sleeps under the snow

and the sunshine award goes to:
the five first ones that would like to play!



I got

a bright day
pure friendship
refreshing memories

i thank you dear Patrice




first week over
felt a lot like her
Olive / Olga
and during the drives i got my knitting done!




i´m drifting between my chocolate and knitting.
tomorrow starts my treatment session. it will take 6 weeks.
hope everything will go just fine!


, kuten Liisa Ihmemaassa

, like Alice in Wonderland

illustrated by Tove Jansson




is one of my favorite words in english, i guess.
(photos from a tv-program)