. Ulkona

. Outside

i had a walk in our churchyard



to work

days seem to go by very quickly-
hope you are all well and happy!
i enjoy the grey tones
and wait for them to appear-
it´s still so colorful outside...
watching the ballet of the falling leaves


on riittävästi valoa

karl blossfeldt ( 1865-1932) : forsythia suspensa and albert kahn : the princess of the khalkha mongols, 23 july 1913. do they have some similarity between them?

there´s plenty of light



. Syksy

. Autumn

i adore these flowers, even now in autumn -
i could just look at them for hours
and simply forget that i have quite a lot to do-
a small exhibition at the end of this month:
busy doing something close to nothing ;)