i stop

my alarm clock is really ticking summer time :)



, puhumattakaan

, not to mention

i ran into myself.
not an uplifting experience.
i suppose we all have
our darker moments.

do you think it´s possible to change old bad manners?
i do hope it is.



teimme suunnitelmia

we made plans

for this summer to open
a little pop-up-shop "koju"
here in our small shed!
there is still much to do
but i´m very enthusiastic about it.

i let you know more when it starts to be ready :)


Koko viikon

The whole week

went fast- i have tried to keep up with this spring
leaves grow so quickly and the whole world turns to be green,
so green!
and the morning smell!
and birdsong!
i rearranged my kitchen
and made a new flowerbed just under my kitchen windows.

have a bright weekend!


, enkä tästä

, nor this

i saw this film by Beate F. Neumann
about Moscow´s new nuns

adore it.