, viiksekkäänä

with "the incredible, the mysterious mustache"
more CV- mustache here

late again :(
work to do
must go
take care




rauhotu = calm down
plis = please
ps: lepää = ps: take a rest

a note that i got from my son when he was a small boy

with humor

more CV-humor starting here


works byTiina Eräpuu

and stuff of my own

i´ve been working

had my friend T over the weekend
we didn´t even had time to sleep
we just had coffee and a workshop in my kitchen
and some brainstorms -
it was fun!


. Tunnustan

7 confessions
i love conversations, words and letters,birdsong and poems,
old books and lace,
almost worn-out materials
and heaps
and herbariums

and to work with all that
see you!

. I confess

a terribly looooong time ago i got
lovely thilda from kesakko
thanks! so sorry about the delay.
so here are those 7 things about me.

if you want to see more revelations
take a look at
what a compliment!
thank you so much!

and the 7 blogs- this time anyone who wants to play
be free to do so!
i enjoy each and everyone of you!

more 7 things here



in my mind

thank you dear jo!
look what i had on my table
when your postcard came!