my friend

animals- pikku myy, my neighbour cat
birds, birds, birds
and old acquaintances in bright daylight

more CV-animals here



for you

And for all you greatbeautifullovelywarm people
Thank you Kiitos!

i had a bright day full of surprises,
laughter and joy and another day and another...
it´s quite a job to celebrate at my age :)
it´s like they say:

Life is a roller coaster.
you can either scream
every time you hit a bump
or you can throw your hands
up in the air
and enjoy it!


haluaisin antaa jotakin

i would like to give away something

my birthday give away
(with little extra something)
open till sunday evening :)


: varhain aamulla

believe me or not, but it was 5 o´clock in the morning and there was 10 beautiful deers in the yard!

: early in the morning

thank you all for your nice words!
this has been a very busy week for me,
i hope during next week i will have more free time-
haven´t been able to visit you all for a loooong time :(

but first:
tomorrow i will have a party :)


tällaisena päivänä

on a day like this

Happy one year anniversary all CV friends out there!
this has been great fun! Thanks dear Jane!
one of my favorite posts was this




in my heart

Happy birthday my son!


ja iloa

and joy

thank you hiki!
she has a wonderful blog and
an irresistible shop :)



is in the air

my mother
would have had
her 83rd birthday today

! Kevättä

! Spring

my terrible late CV post,
but so is our Miss Spring too -
she seems to be somewhere here


. Onnea

. Happiness

happy birthday O!