ja vain oleilla

and only hangout

my favorite hangout is
inside -
looking outside

more CV favorite hangouts here

, saattaa valmiiksi

, get things finished


vihdoin viimein vastata

to answer at long last

rule: reveal 7 things about yourself and nominate 7 blogs

last year i got
kreativ award
from kindpatientlovely grey lemon

so : 7 things about me

if i would be
a sound,
a movement,
state of mind,
a group,
or conception of time

i would be this
(at the age of 4-5 i was already a wannabe in my paper dress,
don´t you think)

and i nominate:
1. ///
3. finn


. Tuntuu hyvältä

. It feels good

Thanks my Tiinu for your beautiful photos of that old church.
I still love them! :)


mitä puen päälleni

i like details and creased materials. tight tops and loose lower parts. like to use too big trousers and coats and hats :)
love my Caty Lesca jacket and M F Girbaud trousers.
feel comfortable in my Masai clothes. would love to have something from Ewa i Walla.
mostly i sew my clothes myself

what to wear - my style

more CV- people and styles here



we hope you had a white x:mas and bright holidays!


i had perfect x:mas
all my family with me
love and laughter
surprises and delicious food
and snow
lots of snow :)

holidays all over the world you can find from here